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SIETAR India hosts international conferences to bring together the best minds in the field from across the globe. Hundreds of professionals gather to share their best practices, to present what is new and cutting edge in the field and to interact with the growing network of interculturalists dedicated to the mission of SIETAR.

We just hosted the 6th International Conference in Pune, India on February 16 - 18, 2018.

Conference Theme: Intercultural Competence. 4.0

As a consequence of globalisation, intercultural competence emerged as an essential component of working, studying, and thriving in a world where technology had shrunk geographical space and increased the frequency and complexity of global interactions.

Today we are witnessing strong headwinds of deglobalization, making it even more critical to develop both “inter” and “intra” cultural competence. As challenges continue to mount, cultural practitioners must work to ensure its relevance for all stakeholders and certainly for the youth of today. To paraphrase Dr. Shashi Tharoor, “We all celebrate our national independence days with a pinch of patriotism but the remaining days of the year, we will need more than ever to celebrate interdependence days.” Interdependence in our post-globalised, networked and technologically integrated world is impossible without intercultural competence.

Sietar India invites you to participate in its 6th international conference to be held in Pune where the sessions will focus on:

1. Which concepts, tools and skills continue to be valuable for building intercultural competence?  How can we enhance their effectiveness given the changed contexts we work in today keeping in mind the needs of youth living, studying and working in a post-globalized world?

2. Which fresh new paradigms and perspectives must the intercultural field integrate to make our academia/corporate world and societies more culturally intelligent and inclusive?

3. Which best practices have emerged from India and from the rest of the world with regard to multi-cultural collaboration and leveraging of diversity - especially during periods of transition and polarisation?
Additional information about the conference will be communicated in the following weeks and months - including details about pre-conference certifications, calls for proposals and logistical support for participants intending to travel.

On behalf of the organising committee, we would like to welcome your participation and attendance for what will surely be an inspiring and engaging meeting of the minds.

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Previous conference themes have included:

2006 in Bangalore: Inaugural Conference - More Masala for the Melting Pot

2008 in Chennai: From the Melting Pot to the Salad Bowl

2009 in Pune: Connecting Worlds: Solutions through Intercultural Insights

2011 in Chennai:  Intercultural Solutions for a Sustainable World

2013 in Mumbai: From Internationalization to Intercultural Competence

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