Protect the SIETAR brand: As members of SIETAR India, we pledge not to dilute the SIETAR brand by using it for endorsing personal political, religious opinions or commercial offerings. We firmly believe that this brand stands for creating a more peaceful and harmonious environment and nothing or no one should endanger it by using the organization for any other purpose. 

If you would like to join in this mission to promote the growth and development of the intercultural field in India, join as a member.

code of conduct

our code of conduct

By joining Sietar India, members are part of a worldwide community of interculturalists who are deeply committed to the mission of SIETAR and who comply with the following principles:

Walk the talk: As members of SIETAR India, we agree to value and promote diversity in all that we do.

Adhere to the highest ethical and professional standards: SIETAR India encourages its members to follow the best ethical standards in professional work and completely eschew plagiarism, unauthorized use of copyrighted material, putting down fellow colleagues etc. This includes being supportive of other members and engaging in construction discussions for the purpose of adding value through critical thinking. We are committed to excellence and building on and upholding professional standards.

Society for Intercultural Education, Training & research