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Anantadeb Bandyopadhyay  


Anatadeb works as an independent human resources professional in Mumbai. Contact him directly at 

Renu ramakrishnan


She is a cross cultural enthusiast with a multi-dimensional career spanning marketing, communications, training and education in India and the United States. As an intercultural and leadership trainer and coach, Renu is empaneled with

ELAvate Training, AchieveGlobal and Communispond in India and Hansa One, Dean Foster Associates and Koppett and Co in the US. Widely traveled and living her cross cultural dream, Renu divides their time between the serene surroundings of suburban United States and bustling bazaars of urban India, both of which she loves and needs to fuel her creative energies.She is currently based in Delhi. Contact her directly at 

Lakshmi kumar

Board member

Lakshmi is an educationist and runs the Orchid School in Pune. Contact her directly at   

mala malkani


Mala is an independent intercultural trainer based in Mumbai. Contact her directly at 

jill sheldekar


Jill is the founder of Ethnosynth Consulting, a small organization that focuses on intercultural work between India and the United States and Western Europe. With over 10 years of professional experience, her areas of expertise include leadership and management in cross-cultural contexts, building diverse global teams and one-on-one coaching and training in the area of intercultural communication skills. She is currently based in Pune and enjoys all of the excitement of expatriate life in India. Contact her directly at 

our Team

Sunita nichani


A founding member of SIETAR India, Sunita is deeply committed to building a sustainable forum for interculturalists and others who share a passion for this field in India and overseas.  Currently heads the Corporate Training Department of the Alliance Française of Madras after a long career in translation, training and curriculum design. Simultaneously, in order to pursue her core vocation as an interculturalist, she works as an independent consultant globally with international clients, training companies and fellow interculturalists from multiple countries on global projects. She is based in Chennai. Contact her directly at