PUNE 2018

intercultural competence 4.0

Over 120 interculturalists gathered from more than 18 countries, to participate in SIETAR India's sixth international conference in Pune. Some of the highlights included 24 interactive sessions presented by renowned professionals, three keynotes and two panel presentations. The conference started with a gala dinner that had participants enjoy an intercultural drum circle! Two certifications were organized - one for the Virtual Performance Assessment tool by Intercultures Germany and the other was the Culture Detective from the US. 

bangalore 2006

more masala for the melting pot 

The first SIETAR India conference was held in 2006 in Bangalore. The conference was inaugurated by the founding SIETAR board and included a speech by Hema Ravichander, former Global Head of HR Infosys, Over 130 people gathered from 11 different countries to attend the conference. Participants were able to choose from 14 different presentations on subjects such as Breaking the Culture of Interculturalists by George Simons and Developmental Models of Cultural Sensitivity Monica Francois Marcel. Keynote speakers included Sharad Sharma, past CVP at Symantec and scientist Dr. Mathew Chandrankunnel.

chennai 2008

from the melting pot to the salad bowl 

The second SIETAR India conference was held in January 2008 in Chennai. The pre-conference workshop was conducted by Dr. "Thiagi" Thiagarajan, founder The Thiagi Group, on the subject of training games for interculturalists. Keynote speakers included Mr. Laxmi Narayan, CEO Cognizant and Prof. Ashok Jhunjhunwala of IIT Madras. With over 150 people from 15 countries, participants enjoyed selecting from 18 different sessions on topics such as Snapshots of Indian Culture through Indian Advertising and Excellence in Indo-Japanese teams. Participants also enjoyed traditional dance performances by Avigna and a Global Salad Bowl activity by Mickaël Besse. 

Pune 2009

connection worlds: solutions through intercultural insights

The Pune conference was held at the Orchid School in Baner and brought together academia, business, and social development stakeholders to discuss how interculturalism could help them connect more effectively in order to create more systemic approaches to global issues. Participants had the option of a pre-conference workshop delivered by the Facilitators Network of Singapore  and also a post conference was a certification by Cultural Detective. Three panels were conducted - one education panel, one corporate and the other on governance. There were many special panelists including Journalist Subroto Roy and  Mr. Ravi Pandit, Chairman/Group CEO of KPIT Cummins. Also a musical performance by Agnee! 

Chennai 2011

intercultural solutions for a sustainable world

This conference included special guest speakers Devdutt Pattanaik, the famous mythologist, consultant and author along with Alarmel Valli, internationally acclaimed Bharatanatyam dancer and choreographer. There were 12 interactive sessions and a world cafe, along with an Education and Corporate panel. There was also an evening of classical music and dance with the Dhananjayans, Anil Srinivasan and Sikhil Gurucharan followed by the Gala Dinner. Participants had the option of a pre-conference workshop on Using the DMIS & LCW: Diversity in Indian Workplace by Heather Robinson and a post conference certification by Cultural Detective. 

past conferences - materials and resources

mumbai 2013

from internationalization to intercultural competence

Over 100 interculturalists gathered from more than 12 countries, to participate in SIETAR India's fifth international conference in Mumbai. Some of the highlights included 18 interactive sessions presented by renowned professionals, 4 keynotes from corporate India and an education panel with Dr. Indu Shahani, the Sheriff of Mumbai. Participants engaged in learning experiences during the day and enjoyed socializing and networking in the evenings - including a Bollywood gala dinner! Two pre-conference events were organized as well - one on Leadership in a Global World by Muriel Joseph-Williams and a Personal Leadership workshop by Heather Robinson.

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